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sometimes i can hear my bones straining
under the weight of all the lives i'm not living
bonsoir :) what to tell? i'm kayla, i'm a freshman in college, i'm… 
13th-Aug-2009 01:15 am

bonsoir :)

what to tell? i'm kayla, i'm a freshman in college, i'm a grammar nazi and yet i capitalize nothing. i refuse to have children until i can afford to send them to dalton. i'm from a small town in east texas, which i will always love, but would prefer to love from a distance, which is why i'm moving to new york city as soon as i graduate from college.

these are usually a good way to break the ice, right?

five male crushes
1. gaspard ulliel
2. aaron tveit
3. ed westwick
4. sean bean
5. taylor kitsch

five female crushes
1. leighton meester
2. minka kelly
3. kate winslet
4. keira knightley
5. anne hathaway

five favorite movies
1. the piano
2. stage beauty
3. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
4. pride & prejudice
5. breakfast at tiffany's

five favorite books
1. the road - cormac mccarthy
2. atonement - ian mcewan
3. the harry potter series - j.k. rowling
4. jane eyre - charlotte bronte
5. the end of the affair - graham greene

five favorite bands/artists
1. coldplay
2. death cab for cutie
3. brandi carlile
4. damien rice
5. shiny toy guns

five favorite tv shows
1. gossip girl
2. grey's anatomy
3. dexter
4. lost
5. the tudors

five favorite songs
1. death and all his friends - coldplay
2. the story - brandi carlile
3. trouble is a friend - lenka
4. moon river - audrey hepburn (only the version from breakfast at tiffany's. everyone else's versions are completely unnecessary.)
5. zero - yeah yeah yeahs

five fandoms
1. gossip girl
2. harry potter
3. broadway/theatre in general
4. lost
5. grey's anatomy

i'm opinionated, blunt, too politically-minded for my own good, and i desperately adore my best friends and my family.

questions, comments, snide remarks, you know what to do.

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