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sometimes i can hear my bones straining
under the weight of all the lives i'm not living
today was so badass that i don't think i can aptly describe it, so… 
21st-Aug-2009 12:56 am

today was so badass that i don't think i can aptly describe it, so i'm just going to break it down in a timeline format, k? k.

8:45 - wake up, roll out of bed, stumble to class with chels.
10:45 - snacktime in class, because dr. g loves us and oh do we ever love her. doozies (two chocolate chip cookies stuck together with icing in the middle) and cheese puffs and coke.
1:30 - decide that we want to go to Petland and buy our fish.
2:00 - after half an hour of driving hopelessly lost around Georgetown, finally locate the Petland. They do not have fish, but they have puppies! Bulldogs, pugs, a Yorkie, and a Puggle. Chelsea and I are in love.
2:10 - Arrive at Petsmart to purchase our fish. End up with Damien, a red betta we named for Damien Rice.
3:30 - 'Sex Signals' presentation/show in the theatre. Potentially awkward college-sexual-harassment-just-say-no talk is actually quite hysterical thanks to the people presenting it and the guys behind us who kept up a running commentary of the entire event.
5:00 - arrived back at our dorm. Got Damien settled into his new tank.
5:30 - headed to the library to do our FYS homework. Finished it in like 30 minutes and checked out the new Alice Sebold book and Breakfast at Tiffany's since Chelsea and Ryan haven't seen it.
6:45 - head to Genghis Grill. Get amazing FREE Mongolian food thanks to the coupons we got at orientation. Oh, the life of a broke college student.
7:15 - Got back to the dorm. Chilled. Chelsea and i then decided that if we emailed Damien Rice and told him we named a fish after him, he would be thrilled by our dedication and decide to tour in Austin immediately.
7:30 - Unsuccessful in finding Damien's email, we settle for emailing his agent. Transcript:
hello sir,
we are college students at southwestern university in georgetown, tx, about thirty minutes outside of austin. today we purchased a fish for our dorm room and named him damien, after damien rice. we understand that damien (the artist, not our fish) is currently not touring but would like to seriously recommend that he make a stop in austin when next he hits the road, because the better part of our campus loves him. a lot. it would be freaking sweet if that could happen and my roommate and i would definitely appreciate it. also we have enclosed a picture of our fish, just because. thanks for your time.
kayla and chelsea

7:40 - Receive email in reply from Damien Rice's agent.
Just remember to feed the fish!!

Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from TMobile

7:42 - Chelsea and I run screaming down the hallway in glee, realizing that Damien Rice's agent and therefore Damien Rice now knows who we are and will obviously be touring through Austin soon so I can become Mrs. Damien Rice.
10:45 - We decide to go pay a visit to the graveyard close to campus, because our FYS is about science and the paranormal.
11:10 - Someone calls the cops on the teenagers wandering the graveyard path with flashlights. Oops.
11:20 - The cops tell us we have to have a permit to conduct paranormal study in the graveyard. Double oops.
11:25 - The cops, after being very kind about explaining why they probably could have taken us to jail or something, watch us leave.
11:40 - Chelsea and I make a pilgrimage to the fountain and dangle our feet in the water while Dylan takes awkward pictures of us.
12:00 - Chelsea, Dylan and I run barefoot through the sprinklers.
12:15 - Coffee, Dr. Pepper, whiteboard-decorating, and general Kurth fuckery ensues.

I really, really love college. Jason Mraz concert in Austin is on September 15th, and Ingrid Michaelson, also in Austin, is on the 28th! Then Austin City Limits is the first weekend in October. So it's looking really happy in my life right now tbh, even though classes start Monday and I have auditions all night the same day and Chels and I don't have a topic for our massive FYS  research paper even though we're supposed to have topics turned in to Dr. G by tomorrow. But whatever, it's all a day in the life or whatever. After all, what the hell is the point of being a musical theatre major if I'm not so stressed that I want to pull my hair out 24/7? ;)

21st-Aug-2009 07:11 am (UTC)
Door day sounds like pretty much THE most epic thing ever. Haha. I demand a photo of aforementioned fish, uhm now.
21st-Aug-2009 06:26 pm (UTC)
hahaha yeah it was pretty great! I have pictures of him up on Facebook :)
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